God has continued to be the lavish loving, faithful and caring King who we have been coming to know over these last few years. Looking back on the last few months which have flown by we have been incredibly blessed and also received some miraculous and exciting answers to prayers!

We were blessed to be able to host an incredible team from New Earth Tribe Church in Byron Bay, Australia and were all absolutely blown away by their kindness, generosity love5175023 for us and willingness to invest in us as a team. A lot of our team received some really powerful prayer ministry and encouragement during this time. We also got to do a bunch of outreaches together and see God move powerfully touching the lives of people we were meeting bringing, healing freedom and joy.We have continued to regularly visit our Cambodian family in the slums often eating with them and spending time together building relationships with them and doing life with them. They continue to teach us more about life over here and constantly overwhelm us with their loving and welcoming hearts towards us. They also continue to have their own challenges including issues with land lords and family problems. Please pray for them as we together seek God’s wisdom in how to bring resolution and bless and encourage the growth of their faith.

Every year we get to host teams of Harvest School graduates from the Iris Global base in Mozambique. They always come out filled up and full of faith from completing a Mission School in the midst of an incredible revival in Mozambique. This team were no different and were an incredibly exciting, loving and fun blessing from heaven.We got to have lots of different times of ministry along-side them but one of my favourites was an evening we had last week. I felt when planning the schedule for the team’s time here that we should have 1152727an evening to be able to pour into and encourage other ministries in the Sihanoukville area so we had a night where we invited all of the local Missionaries and church leaders we know. It was an incredible time. During the ministry time Holy Spirit showed up in a powerful way. Lives were getting touched and God was speaking very 3596513clearly to His body through the prophetic.

One couple were both seasoned Cambodian church leaders who came in discouraged and oppressed, the husband was also deaf in one ear. During the time of ministry Jesus healed his ear and then the team members proceeded to prophecy to him and encourage him in the Holy Spirit speaking into his newly healed ear. Afterwards they looked like completely different people and were again carrying joy and hope as they walked. That evening we heard that they had encountered that much opposition and that much trouble after years and years of difficult ministry that they were just about to give up and throw in the towel but after that evening they have renewed hope and focus and faith to carry on. Most of them said they had never been to anything like this before and that they wanted to do it again! God is such an awesome God and during that evening really showed me in a powerful way how much He loves His body!

I look back on the last few months there are so many areas I can write about where Jesus has been faithful, trustworthy and always there. As we continue to walk this journey His love overwhelms us and continues to give us the faith we need to keep trusting, keep relying on and keep following this joyful King. It’s not a burden it’s an honour and a privilege. He is so worth following.

Thank you for all of your encouragement and love as we continue to do so and thank you for your continued prayers.